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I was mentioning to my wife earlier this week that applying for jobs is a lot like dating. You scan through the crowd (job openings) and look for somebody (a job) that looks interesting. You go up and introduce yourself, finding out more information while trying to make yourself look like you’re worth their time. And just like dating, if you try to pick somebody up who is out of your league (you don’t have the required experience or skills) they politely say no and instead go home with the guy with the English accent (or in the case of job searching, the jerk with more experience and the Masters degree).

When I was fresh out of college, I sent out dozens of resumes and received dozens of rejection letters. Actual letters, sent in the mail. It was depressing, seeing that physical representation of failure show up in my mailbox. In my recent search for more stable employment, I have yet again sent dozens and dozens of resumes out, and received…. nothing. Of the countless resumes I have sent out in the last several months, I have received exactly one rejection letter in the form of an email.* At this point, I would be overjoyed to receive a physical rejection letter, because at least that shows they thought enough of me to take the time to hit “Print”. In the terms of my “job searching as dating” scenario, not receiving a rejection letter or email is like walking up to a cute girl, telling her about yourself, asking her out, and having her just completely ignore you.

That’s all part of the process, though. One day I’ll find that special job that loves me for who I am.

* Which I very seriously considered sending a Thank You letter for.

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  1. Redbeard says:

    In all of my job applications, I’ve found that I really only get rejection letters from the jobs outside of the Twin Cities. Of course, considering that even in applying for Benson there were 37 applicants, and 67 for St. Cloud, perhaps it’s just not cost effective to say, “You’ve got a great personality, but . . . “

  2. areabassist says:

    Yeah, that’s true. I suppose a rejection letter is really only in order after you’ve been in for an interview. That’s happened a few times before as well, where I’ve never heard back after an interview. Both situations involved jobs I wasn’t really interested in, and that probably showed in the interview.

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