Alice In Chains – Dirt

I listened to Facelift about five times while driving over the Labor Day weekend, and realized that I don’t own a good copy of Dirt, one of my favorite albums of all time.* A trip to Half Price Books later, and I had my very first copy of Dirt on CD (I also picked up Unplugged, but that is a completely different post).

As I mention here, Dirt was a “soundtrack of my life” album for my junior year in high school. In that post, I write:

Put on this album, and I instantly go back to January ‘94, -20 degrees, driving around in my friends 1972 Delta 88, looking for a party out in the middle of nowhere. That pretty much sums up that entire year for me.

This album has incredible staying power. It still sounds as sludgy and dirty as it did back then, and Layne’s lyrics and delivery hit as hard as they did the first time I heard it. The production doesn’t sound quite as dated as some albums from the early nineties do today, and honestly, the way that the bass and the drums play off each other throughout the album should be the basis for a textbook on what a rock rhythm section should sound like. The vocal harmonies are amazing, and I have spent countless hours in the car singing through this album, taking turns singing each vocal part. A simply awesome album.

* I own a copy on cassette, AND TOTALLY DON’T HAVE a crappy mp3 version of the album, complete with CD skips.

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  1. rhyandjay says:

    That’s the album that made the metal kid in me start to realize that maybe some of the non-metal rock out there could be pretty cool, too.

    AiC Unplugged is pretty damn awesome, too.

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