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As I was recently in Canada, I took the opportunity to pick up some beer that I don’t normally see or hadn’t heard of. My options were limited, as we were in an area with very few options (the marina and the duty free shop). So I picked up a sixer of the only beer I hadn’t heard of before, Kokanee Glacier Beer.

I wasn’t expecting too much, and was assuming it would be a standard golfing or fishing beer, and I was correct, although with a slight difference. I was imagining something along the lines of a Miller Lite, but what I got from it was more of a Grain Belt Premium, but with less sweetness and a little bite at the end. My brother-in-law was surprised I hadn’t heard of it, apparently it’s very popular with college students in Grand Forks because of the high abv (5.0%). It was certainly more interesting than the couple of Coors Light’s I drank around the campfire while at the cabin this weekend. A good camping beer.

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  1. b33n3r says:

    When Tim S. lived in Baudette, he would often visit the duty free. He brought a case of Kokanee to my house in Morris, which we proceeded to drink. It was good, IIRC.

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