King’s X with Orange Sky, 06/23/2009, Station 4

I recently “discovered” King’s X, although I haven’t really written much about it.* When I found out they’d be coming to town, I jumped on tickets, and so last night along with the rest of the Not One Stone rhythm section, I headed up to Station 4 in St. Paul to check out the show.

Station 4 is one of my favorite clubs in the Twin Cities, and while I’ve played a good half dozen shows there, I’ve never actually been to a show there. Yesterday’s sweltering humidity made the venue a damn sauna, but that just made the beer taste better. We showed up at about 9:30,** just in time to catch the last song of local band B!, who were good.*** Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any more info about them on these interwebs. After a fairly quick break, Orange Sky took the stage. Orange Sky is a metal band from Trinidad, and they frakking rock. Their music has a great heavy grunge/classic thrash/calypso feel to it that is just plain awesome.

After a slightly longer break, it was time for King’s X.



Good old Station 4, have to love the poles. Also, that’s the most people I’ve ever seen in Station 4. It’s a lot different when it’s not a big empty room.

Groove Machine
What Is This
Black Flag
Lost In Germany
Go Tell Somebody
Looking For Love
Over My Head

It’s Love
We were Born To Be Loved

Fantastic show, and Dug Pinnick’s bass tone is truly a thing of beauty. It’s like an octopus of sound, so many different levels. By the end of the night I was tired and dehydrated, but it was well worth seeing an amazing band in a nice, intimate setting.

* This is sarcasm.
** Tom and myself met up with Mike at the show, and while waiting for Mike to arrive, I struck up a conversation with a dude who commented on my Libido Boyz shirt. That’s pretty awesome. Turns out we were both at the reunion show back in ’07.
*** According to the schedule, that’s who it was, but I seem to recall them calling themselves something else.

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