Ant War II: This Time, It’s Personal

I headed downstairs this morning, with vacuum in hand (and before my first cup of coffee) to clean up dirt that Sprocket had flung out of one of the potted plants. While I was cleaning that up, I noticed them. Dozens of winged ants. They were back for more.

If you heard a sudden string of curse words coming from the southern metro area this morning at about 6:30 AM, that was me. Sorry about that.

I had noticed some building outside a few weeks ago, but nothing to the extent of last year’s palatial ant palaces. I went after them immediately with ant spray and baits, and thought that was the last I’d see of them. I should have known on Sunday when I saw one winged ant crawl out of the freshly sprayed colony that I’d have trouble this morning.

So, after attacking with the vacuum cleaner and soaping and Windexing the patio door, I’m headed outside this morning (probably after a quick bike ride, but more about that in a second) to set up a few ant baits, which look remarkably like Starcraft bunkers. Fitting, as the little bastards totally Zerg rushed me this morning. I’ll head to Menards later and see if I can find some Terro Siege Tanks.

I headed off yesterday morning (before it got too oppressively hot and humid) for another bike ride. I’m continuously amazed at what I’m finding as far as parks go in my neighborhood. Yesterday’s travels took me to a trail only two blocks from my house, with a long winding paved trail and an impressive selection of singletrack – well, impressive for me. Throwing caution to the wind, I plunged into the woods, winding up and down and around a hill. At one point, I was zipping down the hill, feeling proud of myself, when my back tire slipped out and I ran into a small tree. LOLZ. I was able to slow down enough before I caused any damage to myself, bike, or tree, so it’s all good. After finding my way out of the woods, I explored the rest of the park, which has several bridges, a small river, and of all things, archery targets. I think today I’ll head back and explore more of the wider, less chaotic trail I found on Sunday. I should actually do that soon, as the heat index is supposed to hit 105 today.

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