Weekend Update: Happy Birthday To Me! Edition

Yup, that’s right. It was my birthday this weekend. Don’t feel bad if you missed it, as gifts of cash, gift cards, Jagermeister are never truly belated.

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so as I tend to do, I spent the entire weekend celebrating my gradual descent into a grumpy old man. I didn’t have any calls on Friday, so I spent some time doing usual household stuff, and then worked on my new bass project, in which I learn to play a random song every day. I don’t always learn it note for note, but I’ll get down the important parts and the cool riffs. It’s not truly random, as I’m selecting songs, but it’s interesting, and a good way to get in practice every day. The main thing is that it’s fun. After working out*, I decided to mow the lawn. After the first round around the house, I ran over something that was blue, and the mower stopped. I thought at first I had hit some insulation. Turns out that while mowing under a bush, I had knocked off the air filter cover, dislodged the air filter, and then ran over it. Nice. After a quick Menards run, I finished up the lawn, and after getting cleaned up headed out for a haircut.

It was then off to my early birthday dinner. We met our friends Mike and Jill at Sakura in St. Paul for some awesome sushi. They had an entire selection of specialty rolls named after Wild players, most of which featured avocado and tuna or salmon, favorites of ours. We went with the Wes Walz and the Niklas Backstrom, which were delicious. I considered the Marion Gaborik, but I wasn’t sure if it came with pulled groin. I also was wondering if it would disappear off the menu during the playoffs. We also thought about the Derek Boogaard, but that usually ends with a punch in the face.** We also had some hotate nigiri (raw scallops) and a hamachi maki (yellowtail sushi roll). I washed it down with a couple of cold Sapporo, and for desert, we were overjoyed to see they had green tea ice cream with sweet red bean topping, which I have been particularly craving recently. It was wonderful.

Saturday we enjoyed a relatively laid back early afternoon, and then headed over to a friend’s birthday party, where we enjoyed some grilling and beer. We stopped at Target on the way home, so my wife could surprise me by buying me a can of Spam. This may not seem very exciting to most, but it’s the last ingredient needed for me to create spam musubi.*** WOOHOO! My wife spent the rest of the evening working on my main birthday present**** and baking me a pie, and I worked on some music for Rare Medium. A fun night.

Sunday morning, I woke up to the usual birthday barrage of e-mails from various message boards, friends, and family, as well as many, many Facebook messages. After having some coffee and pie for breakfast (I decided on strawberry-rhubarb cream), on a whim I downloaded Plants vs. Zombies, which amusingly took up most of my morning. Afterward, we went out for breakfast at one of my favorite spots, Jensen’s Cafe. I had the Salmon Benedict. It was divine. We then headed to the mall for some shopping, where we picked up some shoes for my wife and a shirt for me. We made another Target stop to pick up some wedding a birthday gifts for various friends and family, and then headed back home. We didn’t really have anything else planned for the rest of the day, so I decided to go on a bike ride.***** I’ve had my bike here for almost two years, and still haven’t ridden it much. So, I hopped on and headed over towards a local park and explored. I was surprised to find a very cool environmental learning center in the park, with various displays and sections of re-established prairie and hardwood forests. There was also a nice assortment of dirt track mountain bike trails, which I explored about half of (my shifter wasn’t working right, so I was stuck in the middle and high front gears… not good for hills). It was a great time, and I’m going to start exploring more of the parks nearby and doing more riding in general. After I got home and fixed my gear, I ran out to pick up my free Caribou coffee, and when I got home my wife surprised once again with a Domo-kun. Awesome. He keeps me company in my office. I spent the rest of the day enjoying pie, playing bass, and attacking zombies with plants. It was an awesome and laid back birthday. Woot!

* My adequately fast metabolism has started to get a bit lazy now that I’m past thirty, and I’m starting to develop into the chunky bass player stereotype.
** And if you’re a member of the Jabberwocky forum, you’ve already heard those jokes. Sorry folks.
*** Well, technically I also need a musubi press, but that’s besides the point.
**** It deserves its own post, but it’s not done yet.
***** Pedal pedal, not vroom vroom.

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