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I am a huge fan of music, although as I’ve mentioned numerous times*, my love affair with music is complicated. I’ve been actively listening to music only slightly longer than I’ve been a musician, and so I approach the music I listen to in more of a technical fashion, as opposed to emotional. That’s not to say that music doesn’t have an emotional effect on me, it just takes a better piece of music to do so.*

That’s beside the point, though. Back when I first got my iPod, and discovered podcasts, I tried out dozens of different music podcasts, and wound up only sticking with ONE, which was a bass related podcast out of Australia (whose name I can’t remember). It was interesting because they talked about bass related stuff, from dudes in the trenches. I tried to listen to a bunch of different podcasts about metal, but never really got into them, because listening to musicians answer interview questions ISN’T THAT INTERESTING.

It’s kind of like listening to the between period player interviews in a hockey game. They all sound the same. The tour is going great, the support acts are awesome, we’re partying like crazy, the fans are amazing, yada yada yada. I have a similar problem with music centered tv shows. Mostly, these interviews focus on the persona, as opposed to the actual person. Maybe I’m a bit of a rarity, but I really don’t care much about the private lives of musicians. My particular obsession involves the actual music they perform, how they perform it, and the process involved in recording it.

Which is why Classic Albums is an amazing show. I remember seeing episodes off and on on VH1*** over the years, and last week set my DVR to scour the airwaves looking for episodes. I check yesterday, and I have twelve recorded. Hooray!

What makes the show so interesting is that they put the band back in front of a mixing board with their producer and an engineer, and talk about the album track by track. Sure, they give some background info about the band, but the majority of the show is spent talking about the nuts and bolts of putting the song together, which is fascinating stuff. I’ve never been a big Judas Priest fan, but I sat and watched the entire episode aboutBritish Steel.

I believe I have an episode about Duran Duran’s Rio that I’m going to watch during lunch today. What? The bassline for the title track is totally badass.

* No links to previous articles, as I have over 150 separate posts in which I complain about music. Also, I just pulled that number out of my ass. It’s quite a few, though.
** And usually an instrumental piece.
*** VH1 Classic, which is kind of what VH1 used to be like in the mid nineties, and what MTV used to be like in the late eighties/early nineties.

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