Motorhead – Ace of Spades

I’m not exactly sure when I became aware of Motorhead; I probably just absorbed knowledge of their existence through metal magazines. There are certain basic and undeniable facts* that you become aware of when you start to become a metal fan, and one of the first is Lemmy. That’s not a typo. Lemmy himself is a basic and undeniable fact.

Previously, my knowledge of Motorhead songs was limited to “Ace of Spaces” and “Eat The Rich”. Every few years, I’ll get the wild notion that I need to listen to more Motorhead, so I’ll preview a few songs and decide against an album purchase.**

While at Half Price Books earlier in the week, I stumbled across a copy of Ace of Spades for $3, and I figured…. why not? About two years ago, I saw a VH1 Classic Albums special on the album, which was very cool.

One of the reasons I never really got into Motorhead was that I was expecting them to be a fairly standard metal band, which they’re not. If you approach Motorhead as good dirty rock n roll, you won’t be let down.

And it’s dirty rock music. Loud, fast, aggressive, noisy, vulgar, greasy, and reaking of stale beer and cigarette smoke. At this point in their career, you can’t really even apply a genre label to them, because the sound they create is Motorhead. The production isn’t great; I’m not sure if I just have a crappy re-master or that’s just the way it was. Digital production has really spoiled me, and having previewed some later releases, they have cleaner production.

* Another is that Ronnie James Dio is awesome.
** It turns out that I’ve been listening to Motorhead incorrectly. It’s best experienced at VERY LOUD VOLUMES.

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