Weekend Update: Up The Irons Edition

Friday was spent predominantly on the road, as I had a couple of service calls to take care of in Rochester. They were originally spaced out on Tuesday and Friday, but a mishap with parts shipping put them conveniently on the same day. This was pretty awesome, as it saved me about three hours of driving time. The calls went great; parts come out, parts go in, and all the while I swear under my breath at the engineers who put the thing together. Normally, I swing through Owatonna on the way home from Rochester, but I did some calculations and found that heading through Cannon Falls saves me about twenty miles. On the downside, this means I miss out on my Cabela’s and Caribou stop. This is ok, as I’ve found a new drive time snack of champions: the old school combination of Dad’s Root Beer and a Whatchamacallit. both of which were favorites of mine as a kid. Grandpa always had Dad’s Root Beer in bottles in his basement, and I always loved Whatchamacallits*, both of which were somewhat hard to find until recently. I picked up some Noodles on the way home, and we relaxed and did some reading.

Saturday morning we did the random weekend activities (cleaned things, played with the cat, folded laundry), and in the afternoon we headed over for some grillin’ at b33n3r’s. Even though it was raining, it was damn fun time, and it was cool to see everybody and their kids. I filled myself with meat and bear, and rolled back home just in time for bed.

Sunday morning it was still raining, which is technically good (since we desperately need the rain) but makes for a lazy sunday. I spent part of the morning watching the first half of Iron Maiden’s “Flight 666”, which I had recorded the previous night. Iron Maiden holds a bizarre place in my musical life, and I think this sentiment is shared with many metal fans my age. During our formative years, they were in a pretty dry spell, and besides… we had Metallica. I’ve always known that they had some really kick ass songs, and I know how to play quite a few of them, because Steve Harris is awesome. Still, they’re kind of like the Toronto Maple Leafs to me: I have tremendous respect for them, but I just don’t know a lot about them.

When I saw that VH1 Classic was going to be broadcasting the documentary, I set it to record, because I’m a sucker for musician documentaries. I wound up watching all of it yesterday, and it was AWESOME. Now I want to tour Japan again.

We actually finished watching it later that night, as during the day we made a Menard’s run to pick up a counter top for our laundry room. Afterward, we stopped in at a new coffee house that opened nearby, an independent housed in an old railway depot. It’s the second such business in the exact same spot, and I always felt bad that I never stopped at the first one before it went out of business. It’s a nice little place, and I’m going to try and get a jazz combo in there in the near future.

After watching the rest of Flight 666, my wife watched 27 Dresses, which I wasn’t exactly interested in watching. Instead, I did some redesigns of the Not One Stone website and merchandise.

I also ate a lot of gummi bears.

* The root beer tastes exactly like I remember it, but the candy doesn’t seem as good. It turns out that due to a cost reduction, Hershey can no longer legally call the coating they put on the Whatchamcallit “milk chocolate”, which I was pretty sure was the cheapest form of chocolate.

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