Weekend Update: Farewell, BSG Edition

Friday night was the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, and I’m satisfied with the conclusion. The problem with final episodes is that they infrequently find that middle ground between neatly spelling out everything and leaving things open. The big questions were answered, and we were left with a fairly open ending. That being said, they spent the last three or four episodes kind of aimlessly drifting towards the last twenty minutes of the show, which felt hurried to me. Still, it was a good end to some fantastic television, and probably the last time I will ever actually switch over to the SciFi channel on purpose.

I spent essentially all of Saturday working on my Bass Karaoke project, which was kind of silly, since I had a RM gig that night. I had pretty tired hands, but the gig went well, and as usual, I made it through the final set with the help of Lieutenant Kara Thrace…. er, I mean a Starbuck’s Double Shot.

Sunday I did some more recording, and ran a few errands with Kelly. I also made a hefty dent in “The Sunrise Lands”, and played a whole lot of Fieldrunners while watching TV. I enjoy pointless multi-tasking. I can do twice as much nothing!

Wow… that was a sparse entry. I better write some more substance in an additional post!

do you choose what I choose?

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