Today is a day.

I best covered the subject here, but today marks the anniversary of my father’s death. Since he died the day after Thanksgiving, I generally associate that Friday with his passing more than the actual day. Still, I’ll have a drink for you today, dad. You’re missed.

Every couple of months, through some bizarre technomancy, my wordpress theme up and reverts to its default settings, erasing all of my images and code. I think it has something to do with an update script I run for a subdomain, but for whatever reason, it just goes back to the previous setting. Every time that happens, I go through the same ordeal of trying to find my backups, then deciding to just screw the whole concept and find a new theme, and then getting annoyed with that and recoding the site. So, today I put the backups in an easy to find spot. Which I’ll probably trash within the next few weeks. WOOHOO.

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