The Radiant Ascension of Garokarr


After a month of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, re-mixing, re-mastering, swearing, cursing, and inescapable string noise, I’m done with the album I created for the RPM Challenge. I’m not actually submitting it, I did it more as a personal challenge and an excuse to write fantasy inspired lyrics.

You can find the full album here: The Radiant Ascension of Garokarr, or you can find the Special Edition, in which I mixed all the songs into one long song right here: The Radiant Ascension of Garokarr: Special Edition .

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, for the most part. I’m not too keen on the singing, and I would have liked to write some lyrics for the last movement, but instrumentally I’m fairly happy with it. There’s some odd string noise in there that I couldn’t mix out, and I had a hard time dialing in bass tones, but in the end, I wrote 37 minutes of music in about three weeks, and improved my limited recording skills quite a bit. Woohoo!

P.S. – Shoutouts are definetely in order for my wife for being extremely supportive of late mixing sessions and my constant outbursts of “WHY CAN’T I F%&$ING PLAY GUITAR!!!”, the whole crew over at the Jabberboard, in particular b33n3r for naming the album, rygar for reference mixes, and lundo for the M-Audio recording interface, Penny Arcade for writing the comic this album is based off of, and all the bands whose influence is clearly visible in these songs, in some cases bordering on plagiarism: The Sword, Mastodon, Early Man, Clutch, Dethklok, Arch Enemy, Neurosis, and many, many others.

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  1. rhyandjay says:

    I think it turned out pretty damned awesome (although, I’m only about halfway through it ;^) ) ‘The Stalagmen Uprising’ is f-ing AWESOME. :^D

  2. areabassist says:

    Thanks! I like the second half much better than the first half myself. I think with the first half I still had this notion about being somewhat serious, but by the time I got to writing Stalagmen, I said the hell with it. LOL

  3. rhyandjay says:

    I think that attitude served you well. :^D
    Deep Crows & The Eye Of Garakkar have also stood out as being SUPERRAD. :^D

    It does feel a little unfinished, though, with vocals on songs on the first half, but none on the second half. Kind of like the second half is demoes.

    I think the next round of Jabberboard Cover Song Challenge should ‘Cover one of your friend’s songs’. LOL

  4. areabassist says:

    Yeah, i got that feeling as well. I hit a huge lyrical block, and I think there should have been lyrics at least on Stickmen and Those Who Delve Too Deep, but I couldnt’ think of anything else at the last minute, and I wasn’t really pleased with my vocals to begin with. I had thought of doing the whole thing as instrumental, but i had a few ideas so I went with it.

    That would be a perfect cover song challenge! LOL.

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