The Importance of Routine

Hey look, it hasn’t even been a full year! I’m getting better at this!*

So I joined a new band this fall. I’ve been musically pretty stagnant; with the Infidels essentially in cryostorage after our CD release show, and Waits Dreaming officially over, I was in the weird and all too common state where was constantly refreshing musician want ads looking for something that’s a good fit for me.** Conveniently, one of the Waits Dreaming guys who I had always gotten along really well with and is a great guitar player lost the bass player for one of his other projects. He gave me a call, and I started working with him and his drummer to finish up the album they had put together with the other bassist, to be released under a new name. We picked up another guitar player, and have been putting the finishing touches on pre-production for this album, to be recorded this spring/summer.

Now, basically every single band I have been in has done things in a different way, and every time I’ve been in the studio things have gone a little differently. Because I’m a “trained jazz musician”,*** I have a tendency to not actually write bass parts. I absolutely know the songs, and have a rough idea of what I’m going to play 60% of the time, but leave some things up to chance. For the most recent Infidels album, I recorded different bass parts during different takes and annoyed the shit out of the rest of the band. For Waits Dreaming, I spent an afternoon recording bass parts, but after listening to them I didn’t like my performance or the ideas. So, I asked for the Logic files, and rewrote all of my bass lines and recorded them at home. And apparently, this is my process now.

When I was young lad, I watched Metallica’s “A Year and a Half in the Life Of” video, and one of the many things in it that stuck with me was how Lars recorded his drum parts at like 11pm, after walking into the studio in a bathrobe with a fresh drink in his hand. That was his “game face”, that was his “zone”. And for me, I think to write the parts I want to record, I need to sit and write during the recording process. That’s my zone. Which, thankfully in the day of home recording, is super easy.

On the other hand, maybe i’m just totes lazy.

*And yet, he knows in his heart of hearts that he lies…
**Talented musicians who are serious about their music but also have families/jobs/responsibilities. Oh, and aren’t assholes.
***”Pretentious asshole”

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