Twelve Foot Ninja

Let’s talk for a minute about Twelve Foot Ninja.

TFN is in theory a progressive metal band, but what they are in reality is something of a genre bending heavy fusion bundle of awesomeness. Just watch this video. I’ll wait.

There’s clearly a very strong Mr. Bungle/Faith No More influence, along with some djentiness*. What really sets this band of Aussie’s apart, though, is the absolute mindfuck that occurs at about 21 seconds in. When my pal Double A Ron from Waits Dreaming turned me on to these guys, he told me I wouldn’t be prepared for what happens in the song, and he couldn’t have been more right. I absolutely love how these guys meld these absolutely different genres, and make it fun and listenable. Throughout their tunes off of their debut full length, Silent Machine, they play around with genres without it being gimmicky, and add rad touches like tight vocal harmonies and keys. I’ll go into their crowdfunding efforts in a different post, but I will say what really made this band one of my new favorites is a podcast that their guitar player Stevic did recently kind of laying down the truth of what it costs (monetarily and emotionally) for them to be a “successful” band. As I myself get older, while being more “successful” now musically than I ever have been before, it hit hard. Check ’em out. Their new single, “One Hand Killing”, is an absolute rager, and their full length video for it is hilarious.**

* It’s a word because I say so.
** Also worth mentioning is the fact I had absolutely zero idea what Twelve Foot Ninja was when I first watched this video. I heard “Hey, Twelve Foot Ninja has a new video out!” and it was subsequently played at rehearsal. I assumed after it started that it was Australian sketch comedy, not unlike Damo and Darren, but then at 2:11 I was like OMFGWTF.

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