Let’s be honest, I’m bad at this.

So it’s been damn near a year and a half since my last posting. After a server move and upgrade at Lunarpages, my hosting site, all of my blogs and websites completely shit themselves. I had thought about just abandoning them all, as well as the concept of paying for webhosting, but I realized that having the server space is handy. So, I moved hosting servers, and before I knew it, I was fixing at least this site with the intention of doing some more writing. One of the reasons I stopped in the first place was because the blog had devolved into me just talking about what I do on the weekends, which isn’t terribly exciting (though was handy as a way to look back at a pre-kid time in my life). The focus, going forward, is to spend more time writing about music, bass playing, and perhaps books, games, and beer. At least until this shit breaks again.

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