A Year and a Half in the Life of Areabassist: Part Two – Electric Bugaloo

Ok, I get it. I’m really bad at this.

So, 2013 in a nutshell. And….. go!

At some point in January (or maybe February), the drummer for the Infidels up and quit. So we decided to spend some time writing with the help of a fill in drummer, and in the spring, we found a new drummer. We spent the summer working on new material, and were all set to hit the studio in late summer/early fall and play a show in Northfield when our singer/second guitar player decided to leave the band to focus on his new career as a brewer. We auditioned a couple of singers, but just couldn’t find the right person. So while we didn’t really break up, we’re still in a kind of “Maybe we’ll play again?” limbo. This is all the more odd because we spent a few days in the studio recording guitar, bass, and drums for the tracks that we’d written and they’re AWESOME. It gets stranger; earlier this year our singer spent two days recording vocals, and he sounds better than ever. The jury is still out on what’s gonna happen there.

I officially left Rare Medium, a band I’d played with longer than any group. We hadn’t played a show in nearly two years, and I realized that I just wasn’t that into what they were doing any more.

We’ve made slow progress in our basement. July will mark three years since my office became my daughter’s nursery. While I love my daughter, and have spent many awesome hours in her room reading and playing, I am in desperate need of a place to put my shit. This is beyond the desire for a man cave; I have spent the last three years moving computers, basses, and recording equipment from room to room in my house and am grumpy about it. That being said, we are in the home stretch. Egress window has been dug, framing is done, plumbing is done, electrical is done, data/AV is done, insulation is done. The target date is fall, with a hopeful rough finish (drywall, paint, lights, and bathroom fixtures) by my birthday.

With the Infidels on hiatus, and me itching to get back to playing shows again, I decided to look into some new bands. I struck gold with a progressive death metal band that was getting ready to record and play some big shows. I met with the band, and it was a natural fit. We’re getting ready to record this summer, and play a fairly big CD release show this fall.

Work is still awesome. I love my job; it’s stressful, it’s challenging, and it’s insanely rewarding. My department got shaken up in the summer; one of our senior members was let go, they moved my manager to a different department, and staffed my team with what I would consider the best people to put on the help desk. In addition, I got the go ahead to pick up an Apple hardware repair certificaiton. I have missed fixing computers, and now I’m doing a lot more of it. It’s pretty rad.

That’s the year in a nutshell. Since it’s good for my brain to spend time writing, I’m gonna try and not wait another 15 months before I update again.

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