Let me just sort of vomit out the last few months.*

The summer has flown by CRAZY fast. All I’ve done, it seems, is work on computers and work on the house. That’s it. I know there’s other stuff in there somewhere, but mainly it seems like I put in a ten hour day, and then come home and paint or saw or move something. So, naturally, time has flown by, and our expected due date is in ONE WEEK.


Putting the nursery together took far longer than we expected, having to put up three coats of paint on the walls and two on the ceiling. Installing the wainscoting was a Herculean task as well (since the pieces were cut incorrectly at Home Depot, and we didn’t notice the difference until after they were glued to the wall… meaning I had to take off about one inch of all the pieces using a utility knife and a battery powered circular saw, without scuffing the boards or the painted wall above it). Putting in the furniture took an entire day, but know we have a nursery. And it feels empty. Not in a bad way, more like in a “we have this beautiful place for our little girl, and there’s nobody in it!”

I’m stuck in an odd state of feeling unprepared for the arrival of the minion, and really excited for our new life to start. Apparently this is normal?

At the same time, I’m trying to run a company, which is hilarious. When I bought the business, there were several very specific concepts, chains of command, and responsibilities lined up for each of the partners to accomplish. This all flew out the window in like two months, and now I’m doing everything. I’m not doing everything well, but my overall batting average is pretty decent. I’m a pretty good tech, for example. I’m not a great bookkeeper. I’m great at working with customers. I’m not great at working with salespeople. I’m really awesome at drinking beer on Fridays. I’m not great about keeping the place clean and respectable.

I complain about the shop all of the time, but I really do love it. The level of overall bullshit in my work life has dropped dramatically now that I’m in charge. Still, there are some things I miss. Like steady paychecks. And vacation time.

My musical life has been ebbing and flowing as well; Rare Medium has been on hiatus since November, as our gigs just started drying up. Not One Stone, on the other hand, has been busy as hell, recording an EP, playing a bunch of shows, meeting new bands, and having a good old rockstar time. I’m starting to feel guilty about not practicing bass, which means I’ve reached the point in my playing cycle when I’m actually interested in becoming a better bassist again.

And now, since it’s a Saturday, I’m headed to the office. Because that’s what you do when you run your own business.

* That’s something of a quote from my buddy rygar. I’d link to the exact quote but it seems he accidentally his entire blog. Although the picture of his daughter is super cute.

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  1. rhyandjay says:

    I remember very well that feeling of the empty nursery. I think we finished Lorelei’s about a month and a half before she was born. Hopefully you guys won’t have to wait too much longer. :^D

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