So these things happened, apparently.

Yeah, I’ve gotten to be pretty bad at this. If you look back at my blogging history, you can see that the most posts I ever had were in the times I was unemployed, when I had the time to write very elaborate posts. The take home message is that all professional bloggers must be unemployed.

Let’s see if I can remember what’s been going on over the last month or so.

Work – I still own a computer service company which is, in theory, successful.

The Sword – I went to see The Sword on June 29th at the Triple Rock, and the show was awesome. My buddy Tom from Not One Stone bought me an early baby shower gift there; a Sword onesie. AWESOME.

4th of July Weekend – I was supposed to be heading up to visit my wife’s side of the family in northern Minnesota, and spend a few days in Canada at a resort on Lake of the Woods. It turns out my passport expired last year, and wouldn’t you know it… Canada is a foreign country. So instead, I spent 4th of July Weekend cleaning out my home office, as it is becoming a nursery in a very short amount of time. I had thought, originally, that I was going to be grumpy about the process, but it felt good. As I cleared out my posters, swords, and basses, I began to imagine my little girl growing up in that room. It was pretty awesome. Of course, now all my stuff is in boxes until we finish the basement, so that is less cool.

Baby Preparation Class – We took the “express” version of a baby preparation class at the hospital; instead of a weekly two hour meeting for six weeks, we knocked it out over two days. We watched movies, looked at pictures, learned how to put a diaper on, and practiced massage and relaxation techniques. It was generally terrifying.

Baby shower – this weekend, we headed up to my sisters for a baby shower for my wife, and while I hung out for a bit, I spent most of the time hanging out with my brother in law, who took me out on patrol with him (he’s a police officer). It was fun; while it was a slow law enforcement day, I had a blast just watching every other car on the road slow down when we drove past.

Congratulations, you are now up to speed with my life.

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