American Carnage Tour, 08/21/2010, Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul MN

Waaaaaaaay back in November, I heard news of this insanely amazing tour featuring Slayer, Megadeth, and Testament, three long time favorites. While I wasn’t able to get floor tickets, I had decided to go anyway, but had held off on actually ordering the tickets. At the beginning of January, the announcement came that the entire had been canceled due to Slayer bassist Tom Araya’s back surgery. Then at the beginning of February, another announcement revealed that the tour had been rescheduled for late summer, and that Megadeth would be playing the album Rust In Peace and Slayer would be playing the album Seasons In The Abyss in their entirety – two of my favorite metal albums. Being me, I procrastinated on buying tickets, and once again missed out on floor tickets, and was on the fence about going when a ticket became available.*

I stopped by Rygar’s house to pick him up for the show, helping him move a couch and enjoying a Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest before heading out. Due to my chronic lateness, we missed a good chunk of opening band Testament’s set. I’m mainly familiar with Testament’s earlier material, but they were certainly awesome for the four or so songs that we saw. They also had a totally awesome stage set, featuring a crumbling coliseum, which I for some reason didn’t get a photo of.

After a surprisingly short set break, it was time for Megadeth. Their stage set was also amazing, and they did not disappoint with their rendition of Rust In Peace. I’m glad that more bands have adopted the concept of playing an album front to back live. This may not mean much to the younger folks in the crowd with their bittorrent’d mp3’s, but for those of us who grew up playing albums front to back (and still do), it just seems right. Highlights of the Megadeth portion of the show were Dave Mustaine being, well, Dave, and a live rendition of Dawn Patrol.





And then it was time for Slayer.

I went through a pretty serious Slayer phase in my youth, and while they’ve drifted in and out of my playlists over the years, I’ve always kept tabs on what they were up to. I’d never seen them live, but I had an idea of what to expect.

We had situated ourselves near the soundboard for Slayer’s portion of the show, which also put us directly in front of the circle pit. I spent most of the show with one eye on the band, one eye on the crowd, both feet firmly planted in a gumdo fighting stance, and my hands up in a guard position. The strange thing about most metal circle pits, and this one in particular, is how kind everybody is while beating the living hell out of each other. If somebody falls, every steps in and picks them up. If somebody gets injured, people protect them and help them to the side. I’d see dudes lined up like they were getting ready to start throwing punches, pushing each other, and see it end with a pat on the back and a hand shake. It’s a legitimately healthy way for young men to get out aggression, and getting older I tend to forget that.

Anyway, Slayer was amazing. I’m more familiar with Seasons In The Abyss than any of their other albums, and the performance was tight and brutal.



Courtesy of Rhyandjay, the setlists for Megadeth and Slayer:

Megadeth setlist:

Rust in peace (whole album)

A tout le monde
Symphony of destruction
Peace sells
… The Punishment Due (reprise)

Slayer Setlist:
World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide

Seasons In The Abyss (whole album)

South of heaven
Raining blood > Aggressive Perfector
Angel of death

And, a handy video that Rygar put together:

Megadeth and Slayer

* Sorry you couldn’t make it, Reub, but thanks for the ticket!

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