Forged by the crow mage from shards of darkness.

Last night I headed out to the Triple Rock with b33n3r and rygar to catch one of my current favorite bands, The Sword. I’ve never been to the Triple Rock before, but it’s a great venue, and I’m officially adding it to “The List” of clubs in the metro I want to play at.

Anywho, Black Cobra opened up the show. They were loud. LOUD. They sure put out a lot of sound for just a guitar and drums. Up next came Valient Thorr, certainly one of the more entertaining and original acts I’ve seen in a long time. Their bassist made me tired just watching him. I should also mention that they had some extremely impressive beards. The Sword closed out the night, playing a heavy mix of new tunes, which was awesome. Lots of stuff I hadn’t heard before, I’m imagining off of the new album coming out next year. A good show, the band sounded a lot tighter than they did when I saw them open for Lacuna Coil and In Flames last December.

Here’s a crappy cell phone pic, which unfortunately doesn’t show the kick ass stage decorations they had, which were two spears holding aloft crow banners. THAT RULES.


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  1. rhyandjay says:

    You just reminded me I also took cell phone pics! Woooo!

    I haven’t blogged about it yet, because when I got home last night, Meghan had spilled an entire glass of water onto my side of the bed.

    Yeah, I got about 5 hours of sleep. In 25 minutes increments.

  2. b33n3r says:

    Rightey-O, chappy, that was a good time. I applaud your positive description of the two opening bands. I got a nice amount of dry and comfortable sleep that night. Heh heh.

  3. areabassist says:

    I have a interesting problem in which I review almost everything in a positive matter, even if I don’t like it all that much. I wouldn’t make a great food critic.

  4. rhyandjay says:

    Excerpt from T-Rav’s first restaurant review:

    “I was served a pile of mashed garlic donkey shit on a plate, garnished with dead flies. I don’t mean that a metaphor. It was actually not bad-tasting for ass feces. Normally, I wouldn’t be one to consume the excrement of an animal I’ve never met, but the fly carcasses created a pleasant compliment to what otherwise could have been a rather bland poop tower.”

  5. areabassist says:


    I give the poop tower a four….. out of five.

    Part of it is my remaining teacher mentality, always trying to point out the positive aspects of something even if it sucks donkey.

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