Weekend Update: Reception #2 Edition

Since my brother-in-law was married in Detroit, not much of his side of the family was able to make the drive east. So, the following weekend (which happened to coincide with the 4th of July), my wife’s family held a reception at their home. While it was a WHOLE bunch of driving, family is family, so we decided to make the drive up. My wife’s family was kind enough to send my mom an invitation, so we picked her up on the way north as well.

I somehow managed to get the whole day off, so we were able to take our time getting packed up in the morning. After dropping off the bunny at the boarders, we got hung up in some nasty traffic heading out of the cities, because apparently everybody else had decided to get an early start. After picking up my mom and having lunch, we made the long drive up north, getting to my wife’s folks place at about 7:00. After an awesome fish dinner, we enjoyed cocktails and I did some final touches on the wedding collage dvd I was putting together.

The next morning, I got up fairly early and finished up the wedding collage. The idea was to put together pictures from the wedding into a presentation that could be played in the background during the reception. It worked fairly well, and once again iMovie made me look like a superhero. I actually brought with a Mac Mini to work with and show the presentation on, which amused my in-laws to no end. After getting that together, we helped set up the “reception hall”. My in-laws farm, and as such have a really nice Morton building. They did an amazing job hanging up lights and setting it up for a party. It was really quite spectacular – it even had a bar. I spent the morning blowing up balloons and setting up the projector, and after a quick nap it was time for the party to start. It was informal, and a ton of fun. I had a fairly sizable number of beers, and some really good grilled burgers and polish sausages. We spent the evening hanging out and talking with family and neighbors, and I played an absolutely awful round of ladderball.

The next morning, we had a big country breakfast and headed off to church, and shortly afterward made our way back home.* After stopping briefly at my mom’s to unpack and fix her TV, it was back to the cities.

My wife and I both had Monday off, and we relaxed with a VENGEANCE. I mainly read and played video games. I headed out in the afternoon to pick up our rabbit from the boarders, and returned to reading and playing video games. I had intended to mow the lawn and work on gumdo, but the combination of absolute deluge of rain and the heat kept me indoors. Which isn’t a bad thing, really.

* There was a bit of a tense moment heading through Fargo where I assumed there was a gas station just outside of town, and in fact there wasn’t. We came a bit too close to running out of gas for my comfort.

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