Weekend Update: Detroit Rock City Edition

My brother-in-law got married this weekend, and since he and his fiancee live in Detroit, that meant we had a LONG drive ahead of us… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was an extremely hectic week; I still had two days left on-site for a subcontract I was doing through my office, in addition to having to travel down to my main office for overtime work and gumdo. We also had my wife’s family driving down to stay with us on their trip out to Detroit. My wife took care of the vast majority of the cleaning and preparations, as my schedule was fairly packed. The week went by fast. I had originally intended to skip the last session of gumdo (since we were planning on leaving Friday morning at 4 am) but when I found out we’d be cutting thrown fruit with swords, I decided I couldn’t miss out. I did surprisingly well, hitting the very first potato thrown at me, as well as cleaving an apple one handed.* It was an absolute blast, but sadly it was the last session until this fall. We’re meeting in a week for testing, but that will be it for a few months. Since I’m enjoying martial arts, I’ve decided to take the taekwondo class offered by community education in its place this summer.

After some last minute packing, we slept for what seemed like 10 minutes, and were out of the door at 4 AM. It was a LONG drive; we were warned by my wife’s family that had made the trip the day before that it took them twelve and half hours. We didn’t think it would be as bad for us, but as it turns out it was actually worse. All in all, it took us 13 hours to travel to Detroit, due to traffic snarls in Gary, IN and in Detroit. With the time difference factored in, we made it to the rehearsal with exactly one minute to spare, enough time for me to put on pants and take off my hat. I felt a tad underdressed in my Quake t-shirt at the wedding rehearsal.

After getting checked in to our hotel, we headed over to the rehearsal dinner at the bride’s family’s house, and afterward hung out with my wife’s family at the hotel.

The next day was surprisingly relaxed for a wedding day. My wife was a bridesmaid and I was doing a reading, but with pictures after the ceremony, we didn’t actually need to be anywhere until 12:00. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and lounged about, and then made our way to the church. After the ceremony, I only really needed to be in one photo, and then I headed back to the hotel while my wife and the rest of the bridal party went out for a few drinks. We met back up at the reception hall, and proceeded to have dinner, a few drinks, and do some dancing.

Now, I’ve really only been to weddings in Minnesota (I was once at a wedding in Montana, but everyone there was from Minnesota so that hardly counts as being different). I was kind of surprised, therefore, that people in Detroit don’t do a dollar dance, and most importantly, don’t polka. We requested several polkas, and finally the DJ played a set of three polkas, which had the amusing effect of clearing the dance floor of everybody from Michigan. It was pretty amazing, really.

The next morning, we went to the bride’s parent’s house for the gift opening, and were soon back on the road. We had originally intended to stop in Wisconsin for the night, but decided to push on, and made it back home at about midnight.

The next day we spent taking it easy and recuperating. I went and spent some birthday cash, picking up some new arrows and a bowfishing rig, and then went to the park to do some target shooting.** We finished up the evening by watching the rest of season 2 of Dexter and doing some grilling.

* It’s hard to explain, but basically you toss up an apple with your sword hand, draw your sword, and do an angle cut.
** At one point, standing directly on an ant hill and getting bit about 30 times.

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