Weekend Update: I’m Gonna Need You To Go Ahead and Come In On Sunday Edition

The tail end of last week was pretty crazy.

I was contacted several weeks ago by an IT staffing firm I’d done some work for in the past about filling in at an IT help desk. As the only tech at my office, I explained to them that I probably couldn’t be away from my bench for that long. They were fairly persistent, and in the end we reached an agreement for me to function as an on-site consultant for a week, with the idea that I would work overtime and remotely as necessary to accomplish my normal workload at the office.

Last time I was there, it was a pretty laid back gig; monitor the help desk queue and answer questions as necessary. It’s a pretty interesting situation, really, and almost a Catch-22;* I’m there in case anything major happens while the regular IT guy is gone, but I don’t have the necessary background or authority to fix something of that magnitude. I try and stay busy by running updates and sorting through equipment.

So my first day on-site, I’m just settling into cup of coffee #2 when I start getting an influx of calls and emails; the thing which was totally not supposed to break just up and broke.** I called in to the guy I was replacing, who had of course never seen this particular error. The best option we could come up with was replacing the database with the one from the previous night. Which scrapped about half a days work for the company. So, you know, that was AWESOME to be part of.

Thursday was much less eventful, with the exception that I had to race down to Northfield after work to make it to gumdo. Friday was essentially uneventful, I worked on some hardware and spent the evening not playing TF2 worth a damn and drinking beer.

Saturday morning after breakfast, Coreystopped by and dropped off a speaker cabinet I had lent him. Always happy to help out a fellow Jabberbassist. Saturday afternoon was spent doing some cleaning, and then I was loading up the car and off to a Rare Medium show at Tryg’s. Maybe it was because I didn’t get a nap in before the show, but I had a really tough time settling in during the first set. The second and third sets went much better, although I did COMPLETELY forget the bass line to one of the tunes we cover. So I just played the bass line to a different song in the same key. Bassists can get away with that.

I was pretty bleary Sunday morning, but got up bright and early (9:30) to head down to the office to get some work done. Nobody likes working on a Sunday, but I don’t want there to be too ridiculous of a stack of machines waiting for me when I get back to the office. I spent a couple of hours doing data backups and virus removals, fueled by a cup of lovely Goodbye Blue Monday coffee. After getting my oil changed on the way home, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and futzing around with our new GPS, which I’ve affectionately labeled DRADIS. After watching some Dexter with dinner, I did some more general tidying up, while my wife worked on a stained glass project, and towards the end of the evening I finished up a Doctor Who episode.

And today is my birthday. Hooray!

* Actually, it’s not a Catch-22 at all. It’s more of a paradox, or perhaps irony. Whatever, It’s some sort of logic that I avoided on purpose while in college.
** Filemaker server, for those who are playing along at home.

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