Weekend Update: Memorial Day Edition

To start: thank you to all the veterans and those serving. The excitement of the three day weekend and the start of the summer unfortunately tend to overshadow what the weekend is really all about.

Friday wound up being a pretty awesome day. We generally have somebody bring in treats for our morning meetings; donuts and what not. I believe it was our company’s CEO in charge of last Friday’s treats, and they brought in gigantic english muffin sandwiches. I enjoyed a delightful bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwich. It was also the day of our month end lunch, so after we got back to the shop, we worked on some projects and headed out for burgers at a local burger shop, The Quarterback Club. I had a kickass bacon cheeseburger with batter fries. Since it was a nice day, we ate outside by the river.

The rest of the day went by insanely fast, and as usually happens on a holiday weekend, we were released at 3 pm. Which meant that because of projects I was working on, we actually left at 4:30. These things happen. I spent Friday night playing some TF2 and drinking beer. Hooray!

Saturday morning Kelly took the bunny off to Rabbit Agility*, while I set out to mow the lawn and finish up the mulching on the side of the house. We did some general cleaning in the house in the afternoon, and later that evening watched Blood: The Last Vampire, which was AWESOME. I spent the rest of the evening, as you can probably imagine, drinking beer and playing TF2. Hooray!

Sunday I enjoyed a lot of coffee in the morning while I played through the tutorial levels of Dawn of War. I have a very odd gaming habit; I tend to aquire games four or five years after they come out at insanely discounted rates, and then play bits and pieces of them over time. We then set to edging out a flowerbed in front of our house; before I began this task I attempted to remove a small pine tree stump using an axe; this lasted about five minutes. It was full of sap, and still pretty much alive, so we decided to just cover it in mulch and call it good.** Late that afternoon, one of wife’s friends from her trampoline class stopped by, and we hung out in the porch and grilled some burgers. It was awesome.***

Monday, my wife headed out to donate platelets, and I ran around and did some errands. I swung by Half Price Books on a whim, and picked up a copy of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
for $4. I played a bit of it when I got back, and it’s one of those games that literally two minutes into the tutorial level, I knew it was EXACTLY the game I’d been looking for. Action Adventure RPG with swordplay? Total win.

Later that afternoon, we finished up edging the new flower bed, and put in some plants and mulch. After making tempura chicken for dinner, we watched a couple of episodes of Dexter and called it an evening.

* He tested out of the beginner class! Which means he’s able to find a food dish on command and turn right and left.
** As I started chopping away at the thing (wearing sandals), my wife scolded me for not wearing shoes. I pointed out that if I did miss and hit my foot, a thin layer of synthetic leather wasn’t going to do any better than skin. Since I don’t own sabatons, I decided to trust in my axe skills.
*** It turns out my wife’s friend works for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and made a whole bunch of electric bass jokes; I forgot about how much classical string players don’t perceive electric bass as an actual instrument. That’s worthy of a separate post later.

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