Weekend Update: Wights, Blights, and Other Nasties Inc. Edition

Most obscure blog title reference EVAR.*

Friday was a fairly typical Friday; we had our morning meetings as normally scheduled, and I headed to the shop with an extremely full schedule. I wound up being onsite for basically the entire day, not getting back to the shop until a half hour AFTER the shop had closed. But hey, it was Friday. My wife and I had a pizza, got caught up on Lost, and I played some TF2 and drank beer.

Saturday was booked solid with some full on nerd action, so I made a point to at least get something done in the morning by cleaning up the kitchen and cleaning out the cat box. After making a few stops for snacks and beer, it was off to Rygar’s for a full day of Dungeons and Dragons.

Aside from the awesomeness that is Dungeons and Dragons, Rygar had managed to secure a 12 pack of Grain Belt Nordeast, and because he is truly a king among men, he shared the wonderful, wonderful brew. It was damn tasty. We had a great session, the highlight of which for me was my characters lengthy, spiteful battle with a wight. This is particularly amusing because this particular creature wasn’t even the “boss” character, but it was being particularly annoying by reviving minions that the other party had struck down. I believe I used several action points and a couple of encounter powers to take it down. I’ve decided that my character is going to incorporate this battle into his personality/story arc. Hooray!

Sunday was our pre-determined “Get shit done day”, so after a nice leisurely morning, I ran a few errands. After grilling up some hot dogs, I started the days chores by sharpening our mower blade, which hadn’t been cutting worth a damn (and kind of looked like an Uruk-Hai sword. I had picked up an attachment for the Dremel to help with this, but it didn’t fit quite right and wound up doing it freehand. It cut like a charm after that. After finishing up with the lawn, I sprayed the patio for ants, not wanting a repeat of my previous campaigning seasons. Both my wife and I were pretty wiped out after working in the yard, so we called it a day. After cooling off a bit, I worked on some gumdo cuts in the yard, and after having some spaghetti for dinner we settled down to watch the series finale of Lost. We were both pretty happy with how the show ended. My take on series finales is that they should always end with a few questions, and with the idea that something continues on. I think Lost nailed it in that regard. My wife spent the rest of the evening reading, and I played some more TF2. Hurray!

* Back in high school, we started a Dungeons and Dragons club. When coming up with the name, somebody suggested the above title. It wasn’t used. I believe we went with “Roleplaying Group”.

4 Responses to “Weekend Update: Wights, Blights, and Other Nasties Inc. Edition”

  1. rhyandjay says:

    I finished off that 12 pack of Nordeast last night. :^( Thanks for leaving the Leinie’s Ambers. Those were tasty too. :^D

  2. areabassist says:

    No problem! I just need to find myself a 12’er of Nordeast.

  3. b33n3r says:

    Wait, you used more than one action point in one encounter? I’m afraid that means that your encounter with the wight has an asterisk by it.

    Don’t be too surprised if you’ve got a family of wights looking to avenge their brother’s death in the very near future.

  4. areabassist says:

    Oops. That’s just a typo.

    Family of wights? That sounds like an idea for a sitcom.

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