To Wield A Sword

This post has finally come to fruition; I’ve gotten a new tattoo, I’m going to see Mastodon perform Crack The Skye for the third time, and I’ve finally signed up for a martial arts course.

My original intention was to actually learn how to use a sword in combat, which I eventually decided against based on the lack of a good, organized school in the area. I was randomly looking through a list of community education courses and saw that they were offering haidong gumdo, and it seemed like a perfect match for what I was looking for.

I had my first class last night, and it was awesome. I had a rough idea of what to expect, but was a bit concerned if I’d be able to keep up with the class. I mean, I’m not the most physically fit individual in the world. I certainly built up a sweat, but I didn’t get to the point where I was gasping for breath or sprawled out on the floor. Swinging a wooden sword is tougher than you would think.

I learned the basic cuts and started in on the first form. It was a ton of fun, and eventually, I’ll get to the point where I’ll work on cutting. I start with paper, and work my way up towards bamboo. AWESOME.

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