High On Fire w/ Priestess, Black Cobra, and Bison B.C. – 3/31/09, Triple Rock Social Club

I first saw High On Fire back in October when they supported Mastodon and Dethklok on the “Mastoklok” tour. As I had suspected, I liked the band a hell of a lot more live, mainly because I think their recorded sound is a bit too muddy. I was pretty excited to see they were coming to the Triple Rock, one of my favorite rock venues, especially with Priestess opening.

I swung by and picked up Rygar before the show, and we talked about computers, because hey… we’re techs. I was pretty surprised at how packed the club was, and especially the mix of people that were there: standard metal dudes and girls, average concert goers, and a surprising amount of indie hipsters.*

Partway through a tasty Surly Bender, Bison BC started up; a little thrashy, a little sludgey; I thought of a more refined early Mastodon. Worth checking out, and certainly more to my liking than the next act up, Black Cobra. This would be the second time I’ve seen Black Cobra (the first was opening for The Sword back in 2007. I mean, they’re impressive for what they do (two person band of guitar and drums), but regardless of how big and massive the guitars are, and how hard the drums are pounded, and the fairly complex rhythmic thing they had going on, it just didn’t do it for me. Rygar and I decided to get closer to the stage for Priestess, a band who I really haven’t paid enough attention to. Their first album was good, but was a little too obviously retro-sounding in parts for my taste – though it definitely had its moments. Rygar mentioned that they were sounding much heavier with their new material, and he was right: their new album kicks ass. The lead singer/guitarist had two of the more awesome tattoos I’ve seen in a long time: A Blue Oyster Cult logo, and a maneki neko. They were by far my favorite portion of the show, and I’m definitely picking up their new album. Very good stuff.

After another short break, High On Fire was up. High On Fire always reminds me of D&D, Hyborian tales, and fierce battles against ogres. They are also insanely loud, making me wonder if the 15db cut earplugs I brought were heavy enough. They played a pretty long set; I had thought the set they played back in October was almost perfect; and as Rygar mentioned at the show, they are a lot to take in. Their music is pretty relentless, and after a long work day and a number of PBR‘s, I was almost wishing that there wouldn’t be an encore.** Still, a damn good rock show, even if I didn’t get any bacon.***


* fanny packs, ironic glasses, messenger bags…. it was bizarre.
** Yeah, I’m old.
*** Apparently, Wednesday is “Free Bacon” night at the Triple Rock, and I didn’t see a single rasher.

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  1. b33n3r says:

    Perhaps the free bacon is only in the other room that’s just a small bar area?

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