If life was like Final Fantasy VII…..

….. I’d totally have materia slots in my bass.

I’m beginning to think that playing so many RPG’s in my formative years may have tilted my view of the world and relationships. I tend to see things in terms of epic struggles, grand quests, hopeless causes, annoying side characters, and melodramatic romance. Part of the problem is that I experienced a wonderfully Cloud Strife-like romantic dilemna in college, (I chose Tifa) and since then I keep looking for these melodramatic adventures that just never seem to happen. That’s probably for the best, but still….. day to day life would be much more interesting if it consisted of a series of quests to reach an end goal.

Related to that is my somewhat skewed sense of budgeting that developed early on while playing Dragon Warrior. The Silver Shield, the best in the game, cost 14800 gold. I quickly figured out that Wyverns were very numerous, didn’t cast spells, and dropped 100 gold per. So I did the math, and proceeded to hunt down 148 Wyverns to get my shield. This pattern continued for several other RPG’s, as well as Everquest and World of Warcraft. The problem that occurs now that I’m an “adult” is that when I want something, I start putting money away for it. And that money is not to be touched. It’s special. It exists solely to purchase my next magic item. Nobody understands this. Yet it makes perfect sense to me.

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