I’m a quitter, but it’s okay in this situation.

I’m not big on quitting. Sure, everyone needs to quit at a few things in life; it’s an essential learning experience. Still, I like to finish things that I start.

So it’s with a bit of regret that I’ve decided to pull out of the RPM Challenge this year – but only a little bit of regret. I’ve written about 20 minutes of music so far, but the actual recording process has been slower than the pace I would need to finish… and this isn’t such a bad thing.

I’ve decided to actually full ass* this album; instead of cobbling together tracks and recording them on the fly, I’m going to put in some effort and record a full album of original music that I can say I’m completely satisfied with.

The first hint that that I was on to something that I enjoyed was a little clean guitar riff that I came up with that became a tune I’m calling “Glacier”.


To add to the fun, here’s a demo of another tune that I’m tentatively calling “From Beneath The Ice”


Both tunes sound far more polished than the previous Frostsaber album I did, and I’ve only got a few hours in on each one. So the idea is to spend the time to produce a decent album; POSSIBLY ONE WITH VOCALS.

I’m tickled by the concept.

* As opposed to half ass.

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  1. rhyandjay says:

    I think that’s a good plan. The stuff you’ve recorded so far sounds awesome and deserves to be done right. \m/*_*\m/

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