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Weekend Update: Detroit Rock City Revisited

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Ha! Weekend Update!

My wife’s brother and his wife (who live in Detroit) recently had a baby. Since they’re planning on coming back to Minnesota for Christmas every other year (and they came back last Christmas), we wouldn’t see our nephew until he was a toddler. So, with a long weekend coming up, we decided to make the trip out to Detroit to visit.

My wife’s youngest brother and his girlfriend were also planning on making a visit out there, so we decided to carpool. I took the day off on Friday (which was a much simpler task than it was last year; since I own the business I can just up and decide to not open the store), and brought the bunny up to the boarder. My wife was able to leave early, so after she got home we all piled into the car and headed east. Since it’s about a 12 hour drive, we decided to split the trip up, making it to Michigan City for the night. Early the next morning, we made the rest of the trip into Detroit, and spent the afternoon hanging out with our new nephew. We went out for lunch at Steak n’ Shake, which was AWESOME.* That evening, we went out bowling and drinking. I tried to drink like I was 23 again, and I WON. My youngest brother-in-law’s girlfriend bought me a bunch of shots that were blue and yellow at some point, and I was drunk enough to consider sitting in with a cover band we were watching. ALMOST.

The next morning was a tad rough.

We had intended to go to the Detroit Zoo, but there was some nasty weather going on. We sound up hanging out and watching a movie and ordering a pizza, which was also quite acceptable. The next day, after eating lunch we headed off to the Detroit Zoo. It was really fun, although it was pretty hot outside. They had a really amazing butterfly garden. After the zoo, we got packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed home a bit later than planned. Meaning we didn’t leave Detroit until about 6:30 pm. It was a long night of driving, especially since we got stuck in a traffic jam in Chicago. We finally pulled into our driveway at about 6:00 am, and were greeted by a very grumpy cat, who would only stop yowling if he could see that I was in the house. This meant that he slept on my head for the evening. I got about two hours of sleep total, and headed in to the office to get somewhat caught up with my day.

* Apparently they don’t exist anywhere near here, which makes me sad. Good food, and cheap.

Weekend Update: The End of Weekend Updates

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Now that I’m two weekends behind schedule on Weekend Updates, I imagine it’s time to to what I’ve been meaning to do for a while: stop writing Weekend Updates. Originally, I came up with the idea of Weekend Updates (or rather, stole it directly from Rygar) because the majority of the interesting things in my life occurred on the weekends. In the nearly three years that I’ve been writing Weekend Updates, that’s switched. Previously, I wrote my weekend updates while wasting time at my cube job, or in the long stretches of day I had available to me while unemployed. I’m now just too damn busy during the weekday to put in the effort. And really, over the last six months my writing has consisted of almost nothing but Weekend Updates, which isn’t really what I want to do with this blog. So, instead of feeling obligated to jot down my weekend activities (which almost always consist of coffee, beer, video games, and house cleaning), I’m going to do more actual writing. For reals. Seriously.

Weekend Uppdate: I’m Going To Need Me To Go Ahead And Come In On Sunday Edition

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

I’m on a mission to get these done on Monday from now. We’ll see how I do.*

Friday – Complete clusterf&*k. Super busy, and while I intended to actually leave work early, and then on time….. I stayed an hour late and drove a system out to a client.

Saturday I did some work around the house, and then headed out in the afternoon for a wedding gig. It was at the Profile Event Center, which was amusing because the last time I was at Profile, I had a rehearsal space there, and the area in which we played was a wood shop back then. It was… odd. It was a pretty nice venue, though. My cabinet and/or amp kept cutting out, which was more than a little disconcerting, and I’m going to need to figure out what’s going on there.

Sunday I made a trip up to Micro Center to pick up supplies for the shop, which I had intended to do Saturday night, but ran out of time. I also made the decision to head down to the shop and do some cleanup work. Our building is doing some remodeling, and as a result we’re losing our back office. We’re not using it for anything except storage, but that means that I needed to move everything that was in there to our already crowded space. I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do still, and I feel completely buried by crap. On the plus side, the reason I can’t keep up with the cleaning is because I’m so busy with client machines, so that’s a good thing. I suppose?

I relaxed after I got home, and my wife made some tasty salmon and we watched The Cape. It was a pretty nice ending to a long day.

* That sentence was all I managed to type on Monday.